Reenactors helping Reenactors.....The Purefinder Fund provides emergency support to reenactors in need.

Founded in loving memory of our friend Colleen Gilbert - Hester Purefinder.

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A Lady Remembered

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Hester at Boonesborough

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To Donate to The Purefinder Fund in Memory, in Honor of,
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Instructions: You will have an opportunity to fill in the name of the person the donation is in Memory/Honor of on the confirmation page of the Papal donation. If you miss that opportunity, simply send an email to and tell us who the donation is in Memory or in Honor of.

Our History .... The Purefinder Fund has been established to assist reenactors that have emergency needs ....... On September 20, 2009 at the Koh-Koh-Mah & Foster Living History Encampment near Kokomo, Indiana, Parson John Frank Jarboe officially announced to the 18th century living history community the formation of The Purefinder Fund. The fund which is named in honor of the late Colleen Gilbert is being established to help those in the 18th c. reenacting community who find themselves in need of assistance. Colleen Gilbert, known to many as her reenacting personae “Hester Purefinder,” was a gracious, loving and giving person. Colleen (Hester) was a true friend, helping both friends and strangers as she was able. It is in her memory that The Purefinder Fund has been established. At the present time, The Purefinder Fund operates under Parson John Living History, Inc. a nonprofit 501c3. The Purefinder Fund is administered by a committee made up of 18th c. reenactors from a 6 state area and from different reenacting groups; military, native and civilian. In addition, some members of the committee are professionals who are donating their knowledge in various areas, legal, financial &c. to the formation, operation and accountability of The Purefinder Fund.

Ten Years Later in 2019 .... Colleen Gilbert was a person who, when she saw a need, did what she could to help those in need. In that same spirit The Purefinder Fund remains in operation and still accepts donations and helps where possible.

Going forward into the next 10 years, here are some recommendations from The Purefinder Fund: First, if you have a friend in need, simply do what Colleen did and offer your help, doing what you know they need within your ability to help. Second, if you desire to send anonymous funds to someone in need The Purefinder Fund is here to facilitate that direct donation sent in by Papal or check. You will remain anonymous. And third, if you know of a need that needs to be published online - with the permission of the recipient we will present that need through this website and on social media.


- Donations are tax deductible. The Purefinder Fund operates through Parson John Living History, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit. Receipts for donations to the Purefinder Fund will be made by Parson John Living History, Inc.

- 100% of designated donations will go to the designated need. Only donations designated for the administrative costs of the Purefinder Fund will be used as such.

Mail to:

The Purefinder Fund
c/o Parson John Living History, Inc.
1785 Old Springfield Rd.
Woodburn, KY 42170 


For the support of our friends in need.